Simon Fraser University, Lunar Table with Simon Benches

Sholto Design Studio custom-designed the lunar table and benches for Simon Fraser University’s Trottier Observatory. The Trottier Observatory and Science courtyard are an integral part of the Trottier Studio for Innovative Science Education at SFU.


The studio created a complete space for students to study lunar cycles on the powerful reflector telescope a few metres away. Students can sit and reference the intricate illustration of all the lunar phases finely etched into the tabletop.


Dr. Howard Trottier, the namesake and SFU professor, praised the project “I’m very excited about the overall design and appearance of the table, and having the Moon etchings recessed into the surface, with the phases more deeply etched than the encompassing circles, is fantastic! The sequence of phases is also excellent.”

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The benches, due to their simple and practical design, are a favourite among leading architects and designers. The strong, comfortable and low maintenance design is corrosion resistant with a center gap to drain rainwater, contributing to an elegant bench built to withstand sun, rain, and snow.