Emerald Embassy Table

Two years after its release, the Emerald Collection caught the attention of the interior designers at Global Affairs Canada and the tables were chosen for Canadian embassies abroad. After specifying several pieces to furnish embassies and official residences, and pleased with the quality, a designer asked us to create an extended version of the Emerald Long Table, resulting in the Embassy Table.


The tables have been constructed for Canadian foreign offices around the world from Brussels to Tanzania and extend as long as 18 feet or 5.5 M.


Pricing Options:

Emerald Embassy table 8/12.   Expands from 240 cm 350 cm         

  •      $29,000.00

Emerald Embassy table 10/14.   Expands from 300 cm 420 cm       

  •      $33,000.00

Emerald Embassy table 12/16.   Expands from 350 cm to 480 cm   

  •      $40,000.00

Emerald Embassy table 14/18.   Expands from 420cm 540 cm        

  •      $46,000.00

Products are made to order in 4 – 8 weeks plus delivery.


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The Embassy Table can be specified in American Black Walnut, White Oak and Sapele. Tables are available in several lengths and can expand an additional 4 feet or 1.2 M in length. Closed tables are available in 8 feet or 2.4M, 10 feet or 3 M and 12 foot or 3.7 M length and can be expanded to as long as 18 feet or 5.5 M. Table width is 44 inches, or 1.1 M.